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Solid Shutters

Solid Shutters

Solid panel shutters were generally used by the Victorians. The materials in which the Victorians used for shutters were mostly cedar wood or pine wood.
solid shutter colours
Custom colour service

Just give us a sample of the paint or stain colour you want for your shutters and we’ll match it. It’s an extra cost option available only to Shutterly Fabulous customers and it opens up a virtually infinite range of custom colour possibilities. And you get to be be sure the colour’s just right – we’ll have a sample mixed, sprayed onto a slat and sent to you to sign off.

Finish quality

Our shutters definitely end on a high note, with a manufacturing process that culminates in expert hand-finishing. We only use top-quality paints and stains and we take our time to apply them perfectly. Layers are built up one by one and the panels rubbed down between coats for a smooth, hard-wearing finish that lasts, thanks to a UV protective lacquer that seals the colour and stops it fading in the sun.

inset solid shutter diagram

Solid Raised

12mm thick centre panels with 28.6mm x 40mm stiles. Now with rebated top and bottom rail options for tier on tier for even less light infiltration.
inset louvre shutter diagram

Solid Base / Lourve Top

As solid raised but with top louvres, very suitable for sliding partitions and French windows with solid bases.
solid shutter square surround


Solid shaker: Solid centre panel shutters without inset moulding (Solid Shaker – Centre Panel No Insert Moulding)
solid shutter


Solid base/louvre top: As solid raised shutters but with top louvres (Solid Base/Louvre Top – Centre Panel Raised Insert Moulding)

Solid shutters where first seen in Tudor and Elizabethan times, shutters were made of solid boards and were used to cover the lower half of the window where there was no glass. When the shutters were opened, fresh air would come into the room. When not in use, the shutters were folded back and were seen as decorative wall panels. By the late 19th Century, shutters were used more for decoration as well as their functional value.

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